About us

Vacanze in Famiglia begun in 1997. It is Margherita Valentini that after her professional B&B-turism certificate and having experienced some B&B abroad, who promoted this idea in Venice and in Venetian region.

Then, in the following years, she spreads it in the whole Italy.

In 1999 Margherita Valentini, a true pioneer in that adventure, gave her contribution to the B&B Venetian regional regulation(L.49/99).

In 2001, the team of Vacanze in Famiglia is appointed to CISET

(The Venetian Universty Ca’ Foscari) and the municipality of Venice, Rimini and Genoa to teach at their professional stages.


At the moment, Vacanze in famiglia is the official institution for B&B


di Venezia.

Vacanze in Famiglia proposes you accommodations in families, private rooms and apartments.

The characteristics of that kind accommodation is the warm hospitality, the availability and the respect of privacy from the landlords.

This is a reference point allowing travellers to move easily in a city.

Vacanze in famiglia have always aimed the highest standard quality, taking care to fulfill the different travellers requirements.

Besides, our accommodations are not classified in categories like hotels, but each of them distinguishes itself by its characteristics, the atmosphere created by the landlords and the range of prices.

Why book through Vacanze in Famiglia?

Our main target is satisfying our guests, offering them personalized arrangements for their stays that meet their demands. This is why we can guarantee the quality, the tidiness and the safety of every home we offer; essential elements for the success of a perfect stay in a new city.

In order to achieve this we make severe selections and train the house owners to be able to offer higher quality standards and to make a difference in the jungle of countless names and addresses that one can find surfing on the internet.
To get further information about our Organisation and get part of it, please contact :


Via Orlanda 105, 30173

TEL. : +39 : +39
mail: info@vacanzeinfamiglia.it